Project Management

Cariboo Carbon Solutions uses a systematic approach to planning, executing, and overseeing a project from its initiation to completion. This involves defining project goals, outlining tasks, establishing timelines, allocating resources, and coordinating efforts to achieve successful outcomes. Our project management team ensures that project objectives are met while adhering to timelines.

The key phases of our project management include:

  1. Project Origination: This involves defining the scope of the project and the overall objectives.
  2. Project Planning: A detailed plan is developed including, objectives, timelines, budget, resources, risk management, stakeholder communication, and any other relevant factors.
  3. Project Execution: This involves allocating resources including forest professionals and field workers, as well as integrating and executing specific activities within the scope of the project.
  4. Monitoring and Controlling: Progress is regularly measured and monitored against the project plan. Any changes to the project scope or costs are addressed and corrective actions are taken if necessary. This phase ensures that the project stays on track.
  5. Closure: This phase involves releasing resources and the completion of final deliverables.