Our Team At
Cariboo Carbon Solutions

Tony Harrison, PMP
General Manager

Tony is a partner in Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. and Cariboo Carbon Solutions, and a Senior Project Manager for both companies. He has administered silviculture projects since 1980 and is a registered project management professional with the International Project Management Institute.

Tony is a current director of the Western Forestry Contractors Association (WFCA) and a former president. His management of Forest Carbon Initiativeʼs (FCI) Cariboo based projects the past four years demonstrates his ability to manage an array of sub-projects, partners, clients and compliance agencies. Tony leads CCS with his communication skills, organizational abilities, financial management and adherence to project plans.

Mark Seilis, RPF, B.Sc.F, Dippl For.
Senior Forester

Mark Seilis is a Registered Professional Forester and has been managing forestry operations in the Cariboo since 1982. He is currently the Operations Manager for our Forest Investment and Reporting Branch (FIRB) program.

Mark spent 14 years as head of BC Timber Sales (BCTS) operations in the 100 Mile House Forest District before joining Zanzibar and CCS. Mark has extensive experience in forestry operations management and silviculture, land use planning and timber supply, as well as operational GIS use and data management. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge in the functioning of government agencies such as BCTS and Ministry of Forests (MOF) to Cariboo Carbon Solutions.

Mike Madill, RPF, B.Sc F, Dipl SIBC
Senior Forester

Mike is a Registered Professional Forester with experience in British Columbia’s forest industry since 1986. Mike has managed reforestation projects across much of the central and southern interior. He is currently a Senior Forester for our Federal 2 Billion Tree and NGO collaboration projects.

Mike spent 4 years as the Forest Carbon Technical Advisor under the Forest Carbon Initiative where he oversaw the planting of 66 million trees. Mike has extensive experience in reforestation and seedling procurement, site preparation, and forest carbon modeling.

Nicole Harrison, Operations Manager, NGO Project Coordinator, Health and Safety Coordinator, Cariboo Carbon Solutions
Nicole Harrison, B.Sc.
Silviculture Operations Manager

Nicole has been working for Cariboo Carbon Solutions from its creation in 2020. She wears and has worn many hats under our Cariboo-Chilcotin Forest Investment Program (FIP) (previously the Forest Carbon Initiative) project including: Operations Manager, Eligibility and Monitoring Survey Project Manager, NGO Project Coordinator, Health and Safety Coordinator, and Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) member. Nicole currently provides training, silviculture surveys and systems development support for CCS’s many projects and ventures.

Nicole graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Conservation and majored in Global Perspectives from the University of British Columbia in 2014.

She began her forestry career with Zanzibar Holdings Ltd., from 2010-14 as an interior/coastal treeplanter, and returned in 2016 as an accredited silviculture surveyor. In the interim, Nicole worked as a coordinator for the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) and developed the pilot project “SPES Day Camp”, which is an ecology program that is still running today.

Wesley Brookes, Forest Ecologist, Wildfire Restoration Specialist Cariboo Carbon Solutions
Wesley Brookes, M.Sc., FIT
Forest Ecologist

Wesley has been with Cariboo Carbon Solutions since it’s inception and has been an integral contributor the the company’s development. He is a registered Forester in Training (FIT) with the Forest Professionals of British Columbia (FPBC) and an accredited silviculture surveyor. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Forest Ecology and Soils and a Master of Science (Hons) specializing in the ecology of dry forests.

Wesley is our lead ecologist for our ecological restoration projects and manages our deciduous and shrub seed collection program. He also leads the development and implementation of silviculture research trials focused on dry forest wildfire restoration. The trials look to gain insights into the silvics of deciduous trees and improving seedling establishment success in dry forests through mitigating the effects of drought, high summer temperatures, and poor soils.

He is driven to develop innovative techniques for the re-establishment of dry forests in the aftermath of wildfires.

Andrew Steeves, Operations Manager, DCC & DMH, Cariboo Carbon Solutions
Andrew Steeves, B.Sc., RFT
Operations Manager

Andrew is a Registered Forest Technologist (RFT) with the Forest Professionals BC (FPBC) and Operations Manager for projects in the South Cariboo region. He has worked with Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. since 2018 and with Cariboo Carbon Solutions since its inception. He earned his Forest Resources Technology Diploma from Vancouver Island University in 2018 and has been working as a Forest Technologist since graduating. Andrew entered the forestry sector in 2008, where he gained his initial experience as a member of a tree planting crew. Since then, he has taken on many roles in the silviculture industry, including tree planter, crew foreperson, and project lead.

He has been involved in many Cariboo Carbon Solutions’ projects including silviculture project management, planting implementation, wildfire line location and equipment management, site preparation, block layout and development, and wildfire restoration. He holds certifications in danger tree assessments and S100 wildfire suppression, and is an accredited silviculture surveyor. Andrew is also the project manager for CCS conifer seed collection division and works to find collection projects for our various seed needs. His passion for reforestation and seed security in wildfire-prone areas makes him a valuable asset in the forestry industry.

Michael Andres, B.Sc. FIT
Operations Manager

Mike manages the implementation of tree planting contracts, oversees quality assurance, site layout, and day-to-day contractor engagement for our operations in the Quesnel Resource District. He also manages the silviculture survey program, which involves the delineation, quality assurance for field staff, planting prescription development, and supervising the GIS department. Mike holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics from McGill University and a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from UBC.

He maintains professional relationships with Provincial, Regional, and District Ministry of Forests (MOF) offices and conducts pre-harvest Site Plan surveys to determine ecosystem classification, soil disturbance limits, site-specific growth and yield, and engages in carbon modeling using TIPSY and CBM-CFS3 applications. His comprehensive expertise is a valuable addition to the CCS team.

He maintains professional relationships with Provincial, Regional, and District Ministry of Forests (MOF) offices and conducts pre-harvest Site Plan surveys to determine ecosystem classification, soil disturbance limits, site-specific growth and yield, and engages in carbon modeling using TIPSY and CBM-CFS3 applications. His comprehensive expertise is a valuable addition to the CCS team.

Dan Marcotte, TFT
Field Manager

Dan is a registered Trainee Forest Technologist (TFT) and holds a diploma in Forest Technology from Selkirk College (2023). Dan started working with Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. since 2012 in roles ranging from planter to crew supervisor to accredited silviculture surveyor. He is currently the field supervisor for our Cariboo-Chilcotin Forest Investment Program.

Dan trains and manages staff from CCS’s partner ?Elhdaqox Developments on planting implementation, silviculture, ecological classification and forest inventory surveys, and supervises the collection of a variety of conifer and broadleaf tree seed. Dan is also a passionate arborist, and in 2023 became certified with the International Society of Arboriculture.

Gabrielle Boudreau, Cariboo Carbon Solutions
Gabrielle Boudreau, B.Sc., TFT
GIS Team Lead

Gabrielle is a registered Trainee Forest Technologist (TFT), an accredited silviculture surveyor, and is a certified Danger Tree Assessor. Gabrielle currently is the manager of our GIS department and oversees the completion of all provincial database updates for our projects in the Kootenays. She has also taken on the management of our ecological restoration projects in the Kootenays.

Gabrielle has a diploma in Forestry and a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems from Selkirk College. Her thesis measured micro vegetation changes on landscape levels for Parks Canada using object-based image analysis and LiDAR.

She began her career in forestry in 2013 as a tree planter in Northern Alberta. She moved to working with Zanzibar Holdings Ltd., in 2018 and has been with Zanzibar/CCS ever since. Her passion for the ecosystems that surround her and her love for the great outdoors is what continues to fuel her career in silviculture.

Justin Morrison
Senior GIS Technician

Justin is our lead GIS technician and has been working within the forestry industry and GIS since 2004.

Justin provides full-phase silviculture mapping services, data analysis, and data management using tools such as ArcMap suite, Arc GIS, and BCTS Genus/Cengea/Trimble forest systems.

Justin has two technical diplomas, one in Forest Resource Technology and another in Geographic Information Systems from the College of New Caledonia.

Dan Track
Senior Surveyor

Dan Track is Zanzibar Holdings Ltd.ʼs lead systems support manager and has been with the team since 1993.  Dan now manages Cariboo Carbon Solutions’ forest information systems as well, including SNAP, Phoenix, and Plant Wizard, and is responsible for the vetting and uploading of spatial and tabular data into provincial databases like RESULTS and ECAS. Danʼs hard work and diligence led provincially-recognized silviculture expert Colin Hegan to praise our RESULTS updates. Dan has been an accredited silviculture surveyor since 2008 and brings a vast knowledge of forest surveys.

MacKendrick Hallworth, BScF (Hons), FIT
Project Manager

MacKendrick joined Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. in 2020 as a tree planter and moved to Cariboo Carbon Solutions in 2021 where he has since fulfilled several roles, such as contract supervisor, silviculture surveyor, and seed collection coordinator. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Forest Management from Lakehead University (2020) and a Diploma in Forest Resources Technology from Vancouver Island University (2018).

MacKendrick works closely with First Nation communities, municipalities and private landowners to design economically viable restoration projects with a positive social and ecological impact.

He also serves as the Chair of CCS’s Professional Development Meetings, emphasizing their commitment to professional growth and knowledge-sharing within the organization.

Andy Belicka, ATC
Field Operations Supervisor

Andy is a senior Forest Technician who previously worked for Zanzibar Holdings Ltd., from 2017-2020 and rejoined the Cariboo Carbon Solutions team in 2023. He is an accredited silviculture surveyor (2016) and timber cruiser (2017) registered with the Forest Professionals BC (FPBC). With nearly two decades of field experience spanning from the west coast to the northern Rockies, Andy has been involved in project management, timber development, road design and layout, eco-typing, silviculture surveying, timber cruising and wildland firefighting. He is also passionate about mentoring new field workers in individual woodsmanship and technical forestry skills.

Jeni Christie
Senior Surveyor

Jeni joined the Cariboo Carbon Solutions team in 2019 as a senior silviculture surveyor and has been involved in many wildfire restoration projects throughout the Cariboo and Cascade regions of British Columbia. She provides silviculture prescriptions, which include eco-typing, initial reconnaissance, and mapping and planting prescriptions. In concert with prescribing these restoration solutions, Jeni is also a project lead and operations manager for several planting projects with Zanzibar Holdings Ltd., and is a member of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) for both CCS and Zanzibar.

Jeni began her reforestation career back in 1990 as a tree planter, and she planted her first trees for Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. in 1993.

Jeni started surveying in 1994, earning her accreditation in 1998. For over a decade she worked simultaneously as a tree planting crew boss and a survey crew supervisor throughout southern BC. Following that, she became an assistant silviculturist for Interfor’s West Coast Division, based out of Ucluelet, BC where she developed multi-layered survey methodologies into forestry data management systems.

Jeni’s vast silviculture expertise, developed from being a planter and a surveyor, to planting and survey contract implementation, administration and management, makes her a welcome addition to the CCS team.

Erin Yang
Office Manager

Erin is our dedicated bookkeeper and office manager, beginning with Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. in 2019, and now also with Cariboo Carbon Solutions since 2020.

She navigates the accounting cycle, oversees Accounts Payable and Receivable entries, administers Human Resources functions, and specializes in Cash Forecasting to ensure the financial foresight needed for strategic decision-making. Erin’s efficiency and commitment are crucial to the smooth flow of operations at CCS.

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Cariboo Carbon Solution’s forest consulting team helps its collaborators by providing professional and technical support for all phases of projects designed to meet landowner objectives through innovative and cost-effective services.

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