We are actively engaged in two project initiatives in collaboration with Nature Trust BC. Commencing in 2023, our efforts have focused on revitalizing two properties in the West Kootenays, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing degraded lands and restoring biodiverse forests.

During the spring and fall seasons, tree planting operations were executed following the silviculture prescriptions of the CCS team . This included the strategic introduction of native conifer and deciduous species and the incorporation of shrubs, herbs, and sedges. Our team employed a thoughtful approach to protect the newly planted seedlings, including fertilizer to support nutrient uptake of seedlings and implementing seedling protection measures, such as browse repellent and mesh tree protectors.

The completion of the initial planting phase marks just the beginning of our dedication to these projects. Our team remains committed to long-term success through follow-up monitoring and ongoing maintenance activities. This comprehensive approach ensures that the ecosystems we restore thrive in the short term and stand resilient against future challenges.

The work undertaken by our team helps achieve our reforestation goals of degraded sites but also contributes significantly to the improvement of wildlife habitats. Through continuous monitoring and maintenance of the restored areas, our team accumulates valuable insights.

The insights acquired play a vital role in influencing the strategic management decisions for upcoming projects that strive to promote the health and vitality of the ecosystems we have diligently worked to restore.