Our Collaborators

We have multiple contacts and existing partners throughout the province whom we have developed relationships with over the last 42 years operating under Zanzibar Holdings Ltd. Our process for identifying projects, partners, and collaborators is built upon these relationships and the effort we make to maintain them.

Integral to our project development is the integration of First Nations partners and collaborators, and the inclusion of traditional ecological knowledge and land stewardship priorities.

We also work closely with NGOs, private enterprise, and governments at the Federal and Provincial level. Through these relationships, CCS has connected these different groups to facilitate collaboration and funding opportunities for reforestation projects.

Some Historic Projects we have worked on with our collaborators include:

Local Collaborators

Cariboo Carbon Solutions and Zanzibar Holdings have a successful history of partnering with First Nations, fostering capacity building and business development with Indigenous communities throughout British Columbia.

Our expertise in wildfire reforestation in dry forest ecosystems, wildfire risk reduction through fuel break planning, and riparian habitat restoration puts CCS in a unique position to link projects to areas most drastically impacted by a changing climate. Many of these areas are on traditional territory of First Nations.

CCS and Zanzibar have developed ongoing relationships with several First Nations Bands over the years through Joint Venture Partnerships, and are increasingly developing longer-term projects that contribute to increasing capacity for our partners through mentorship and training opportunities.

Our business relationships have been concentrated in the Cariboo region, and have broadened to create deeper relationships with bands in the Thompson-Okanagan, South Coast, and West Coast regions.

Federal and Provincial Collaborators

Cariboo Carbon Solutions has worked collaboratively with both Federal and Provincial governments that contribute funding and enable project opportunities in British Columbia.

Through funding streams such as the Two Billion Tree Project from Natural Resources Canada, Riparian restoration with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and the Forest Investment Research Branch (FIRB) program, CCS can help facilitate projects that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and bolster biodiversity and habitat restoration in highly sensitive areas affected by climate disasters such as wildfire and flooding events.

NGO and Private Collaborators

“Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private enterprise collaborators play a strong role in helping fund our climate change efforts.”

Some funding for our projects and our long-term planting work comes from our NGO and private partners. Over the last 3 years we have received and fulfilled NGO funding contracts for the planting of over 10.5 million trees in diverse projects throughout British Columbia.

Cariboo Carbon Solutions is fortunate have partnered with a variety of non-governmental organizations and for profit organizations such as:

One Tree Planted
One Tree Planted is a sponsor of our reforestation efforts, especially on the Hanceville Fire project.

CCS has planted XX trees for One Tree Planted from 2019-2022.

Planting Trees in Canada: ONE MILLION trees planted | One Tree Planted


One Tree Planted / Ten Tree: https://youtu.be/QZXd2BkasHE

One Tree Planted – “Keep Cool” film trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCLvFgiKXIU

Team Trees film: https://youtu.be/XX9QLspLlgA

OTP blog post- Droneseed: https://onetreeplanted.org/blogs/stories/reforestation-droneseed-pilot

Tree Canada
CCS has planted XX trees for Tree Canada from 2019-2022.

Arbor Day
CCS has planted XX trees for Arbor Day from 2019-2022.

CCS has planted XX trees for VeriTree from 2019-2022.


Cariboo Carbon Solution’s forest consulting team helps its collaborators by providing professional and technical support for all phases of projects designed to meet landowner objectives through innovative and cost-effective services.

Did you know?

The work undertaken by our team helps achieve our reforestation goals of degraded sites but also contributes significantly to the improvement of wildlife habitats.