Seed Collection

Every year we plan and manage a proactive and comprehensive seed collection program. We regularly collect seed from Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, trembling aspen, black cottonwood, red alder, and paper birch. Since 2021, we have collected enough seed to cultivate 36 million trees.

Our programs are proactive in that they directly address seed security by focusing on rare but important provenances. We believe collecting seed is an integral piece of forest conservation that supports forest adaptation and resilience. Healthy and vigorous forests are key to fighting climate change.

Through our relationship with the National Tree Seed Centre (NTSC), we are eager to contribute to the Indigenous Seed Collection Program.

The Federal Government’s Indigenous Seed Collection Program is a fund intended to build the capacity of Indigenous communities to collect seeds from tree species of cultural, spiritual, and economic importance to those communities.

By facilitating NTSC resources and proficiencies, we aim to empower Indigenous communities’ commitments to the preservation and restoration of their land by supporting their seed collection initiatives.

Our adaptability is what sets our seed collection division apart from others. We are able to source seeds specifically to meet our project needs and those of our partners and clients.

Conifer Collection

Cariboo Carbon Solutions plans and manages a seed collection program for conifer species with the purpose of growing seedlings for large scale reforestation. Seed plays a vital role in ensuring adaptation of forests to changing climate conditions. CCS will collect seed from many BEC zones across BC to address the various seed needs for our own reforestation programs, provincial seed requirements and private sales. Our efforts are focused on species that are in short supply across the province and to enable the climate based seed transfer of species throughout the province. Our focus has been on the collection of Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine and lodgepole pine. If you are interested in having the CCS team collaborate with you on a cone collection project please reach out to

We use many collection methods such as:

  • Aerial collections using helicopters and Fandrich rakes
  • Tree climbing
  • Squirrel caches
  • Orchard ladder and branch-end pruning
  • Working in conjunction with logging operations
Deciduous Collection

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Shrub Species Collection

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